Le Friulane

The Red Embroidery works are unique.

By purchasing a The Red Embroidery product, you make your own a unique numbered piece, signed and accompanied by its parchment that tells the story of fabric, yarn and embroidery.

The creation of a single piece, if not already available, requires time, which varies according to the work in progress and the customization required.

The embroideries and decorations chosen may also vary according to the availability of materials.

About Me

My name is Mariagrazia. I love Art, history and all those things that emantes a deep and antique fascination.

I adore to remember the fragrances and the memories of my family of origin, mantuaner millers for many generations.

My family of origin lived in a big country house on the river Po. A big house that hosted seasonal workers families. Mine was a family of strong women. A family in deep touch with nature that lived according to slow seasonal times.
My passion originated here.

A passion, almost an obsession, for antique fabrics: clothes often mended, rough and resistant like the people who created them. These fabrics – all very similar – were used daily by the families and needed to be recognisable: little initials were embroidered with a red thread before washing the fabrics by the river, after the winter season.

The Red Embroidery is literally the fil rouge that, through the embroidery, connects me to my family of origin and to a world that doesn’t exist anymore. But that deeply belongs to me.
The embroidery to me are the stories that my mother used to tell me, those stories that fascinated me and that still move me.

With my threads I give new life to old fabrics full of stories. I give them a new possibility. I create a connection between who created and used them initially and who will use them in a new version.

Every dismissed fabric has endless possibilities to be reborn and my willingness is to make it live again and again through the creation of unique, precious and exclusive artifacts. Pieces that can make fall in love who will wear or use them.

All my woks are made entirely of recovery textiles: old sacks used to transport cereals and flour, antique cloths used by Italian army shortly after the Second World War or vintage fabrics.

The long life story of these fabrics is witnessed by their holes and mends that talks about their past and of the people who owned and used them.
Holes and mens that I love to valorise and to underline with my embroideries.

In my cozy laboratory located in Bologna I create timeless, handcrafted, textural, sofisticated and precious products.

I’ll be glad to satisfy your requests creating for you a real unique product personalised with my personal touch.

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